"Hello Stacking/Doublefine Fans! Here is the complete soundtrack list from Stacking. I’ve included (below) a few notes that should give further insight to our wonderful score. Stacking contains nearly all live acoustic instruments and live players for its score. This was an ambitious and challenging music direction for a downloadable game. But the payoff was certainly well worth it as the music richly envelops the already lush and magical world of Stacking. Enjoy!"

- Brian Min, Lead Sound Designer/Music Director for Stacking.

Stacking Soundtrack by LevelEdit

Opening TitlesEdit

"Peter had the daunting task of emulating some of the greatest works of music in history! Wonderful live performances!"

  • Chopin’s Mazurka Bb Major Op7N1 ("Charlie’s Theme")
  • Opening Cutscene – Peter McConnell

Train StationEdit

"Many of the pieces in Stacking have been digitally edited and processed to create a seamless custom score like feel. Modern audio tools really came in handy, such as convolution reverbs, to 'virtually' place many recordings that were tracked elsewhere, into the same 'space'."

  • Chopin’s Mazurka Bb Major Op7N1 ("Charlie’s Theme")
  • Chopin’s Polonasie C Minor Op40N2 (these pieces reoccur on other levels)
  • Chopin’s Sonata Grave Op35 (these pieces reoccur on other levels)
  • Chopin’s Sonata Scherzo Op35 (these pieces reoccur on other levels)
  • Paganini's Violin Concerto Number 4 Movement 1 (Ingame / Train Station / Fly-bys / "Levi the Hobo Theme")
  • "Lounging Around" – Brian Min

Steam ShipEdit

  • Vivaldi's Four Seasons Movement 2, Winter

"The lesser known of the Four Seasons, but just as stellar, is the opening cinematic flyby music for the Steamship."

  • Vivaldi's Concerto for Strings in G Major Presto


  • Brahms' Academic Festival Overture ("Dog Race", "Ambassor Themes")

"The big fanfare plays during the reveal of the Dog Race Tracks and I think this Brahms’ piece is just SO appropriate."

  • Mozart’s Menuetto 5 K334 ("Dinner Party")
  • Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5 ("Zeppelin Crashing")
  • Zeppellin in-game music – Peter McConnell

Baron’s Theme / Triple Decker / Final ChallengeEdit

  • Felix Mendelssohn’s Concerto for Violin and Piano

"You hear this piece the very first time when you meet the Baron and it really sets up nicely foreshadowing the subsequent tension you feel in the Triple Decker and the Final Challenge. Despite Chopin being 'centerstage' in the beginning of the game, it’s really this concerto that carries and finishes the game. The depth of this Mendelssohn piece really shines as it was used to vilify the Baron while at the same time used to scored the tender reunion between Charlie and his Mom. This is one of my all time favorite concertos, which is why it’s in the game!"