"Every challenge has multiple solutions, and each solution found earns you rewards! You can try and find more solutions at any time."

Cause Chaos at the SafariEdit


  • Hint: The cannon has hit the wrong target before.
  • Hint: The cannon must rotate to find it's target.
  • Hint: Stack into the cannon commander and rotate left and fire into the open steam pipe.

Wild Animauler

  • Hint: Breaking things at the safari wouldn't be proper.
  • Hint: He hits hard and doesn't like lions.
  • Hint: Use the large fellow to give all three lions a proper uppercut.


  • Hint: His room is full of the hunt and a window into his soul.
  • Hint: One man's trophy is un-bear-able to another.
  • Hint: The pelican can fly into the hunter's room and capture the bear to scare those at the safari.

Penny Lane

  • Hint: The voyage is a never-ending cycle.
  • Hint: Tell the two stewards holding the Zebra to MAKE WAY!
  • Hint: Once the zebra is moved, stack to the top of the bike and ride into the zebra.

Sabotage the ExhibitEdit

Mummy Dearest

  • Hint: Children are blocking the way to an ancient treasure.
  • Hint: The guard can move them out of the way.
  • Hint: Use the guard to move the children, stack into the mummy and leave the exhibit.

The Fighting Pharaoh

  • Hint: He looks like he's ready for a fight.
  • Hint: Once strong, the statue has been weakened by time.
  • Hint: A proper uppercut will break the fighting Pharoah.

Queen of Argyle

  • Hint: Matching patterns are hard to distinguish.
  • Hint: It's not really gone, it's just an illusion.
  • Hint: The illusionist can make the golden queen doll look like argyle.

Relic Rustler

  • Hint: It's stuck in a box, but can be stacked out.
  • Hint: The idol is shiny and can attract a large doll to stack into.
  • Hint: Stack into the Sarcophagus and use the shine ability to attract a large doll to stack into and then leave the exhibit.

Curd of the Ancients

  • Hint: Artifacts can be cheesy.
  • Hint: Get the Pied Piper down by playing the violin near him.
  • Hint: The Pied Piper can bring a rat into the exhibit for a nice meal.

Stop the Caviar ServiceEdit

Caviar Porridge

  • Hint: The caviar's consistency is critical.
  • Hint: The two chefs never mix.
  • Hint: The gruel chef can dump thickener into the caviar pot and it won't be served anymore.

Seas of Gruel

  • Hint: Thick enough to stop running water.
  • Hint: There is an elevated dump spot to thicken the water.
  • Hint: The gruel chef can climb the stairs on the caviar bar and dump the thickener into the water.

Eggs Overboard

  • Hint: It is clear from the rear.
  • Hint: Big dolls can move it down the tracks.
  • Hint: A big doll can open the kitchen back doors and push the caviar pot down the tracks.

Rat Eggs

  • Hint: The kitchen must be kept clean to avoid disease and vermin.
  • Hint: Get the Pied Piper down by playing the violin near him.
  • Hint: Use the Pied Piper to open the back door to the kitchen and then lead the rats inside.

Summons to Appear

  • Hint: The host listens to all complaints.
  • Hint: Only the host can summon the caviar chef from the kitchen.
  • Hint: In the kitchen, the caviar chef can dump the caviar pot.

Muddle the MapsEdit

A Near Mess

  • Hint: The towel room is a mess.
  • Hint: It's nothing that a good scrubbing won't fix.
  • Hint: Use Mess Officer Morris to scrub the maps clean.

Crumby Maps

  • Hint: Some don't travel well.
  • Hint: That's the way the cookie crumbles.
  • Hint: If Hans were to toss his cookies on the map, it would be ruined.

Slapped Clean

  • Hint: His face is still sore from a rude encounter.
  • Hint: Just because no clean towels are available is no reason to slap him.
  • Hint: Use a passenger to give a white glove slap to the map assistant.

Color My World

  • Hint: The crayon is mightier than the sword.
  • Hint: The kids need a crayon makeover.
  • Hint: Take any kid to the Artistic Makeover shop to get a crayon hat and then color the maps.

Get the Gits a GigEdit

Fancy Facade

  • Hint: Some judge a book by its cover.
  • Hint: Never look a gift trojan horse in the mouth.
  • Hint: Stack a Webb boy inside a fancy doll.

Painted Black and White

  • Hint: A man's hat is the measure of his character.
  • Hint: An artist's touch is all that is needed.
  • Hint: Take the Webb boys to the Artistic Makeover shop and get painted fancy.

Polly Got a Cracker

  • Hint: Put YAR heart into it.
  • Hint: The pirate's parrot wants a crumby treat.
  • Hint: Hans can toss cookies for the parrot and then use the Pirate's ability on the doorman to get in.


"Unique dolls are one of a kind and are often used to solve puzzles. They are easily spotted by a slight shimmering effect and collecting them will unlock rewards."

"Some unique dolls belong to a matched stacking set. Stacking all of the dolls together from the same matched set will advance the game and unlock rewards."

Kodiak Bear
  • Collected: In a VIP room opposite the Seaside Safari
  • Ability: Growl - The bear lets out a fearsome roar, scaring the crap (read: sawdust) out of nearby dolls.
  • "Taken in his sleep in the still of the night, poor Kody didn't put up much of a fight."

Pied Piper
  • Collected: Lower Deck, next to hall with entrances to staterooms
  • Ability: Play Flute - The Piper plays his famous song, causing children and/or rats to follow him around for the duration of the tune.
  • "Patrick Pious Pipier, or the Pied Piper as he is commonly known, threw away a promising orchestral career to seek his fortunes on the high seas."

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Hans Allendorf

  • Collected: Near the entrance to The Buried Treasure
  • Ability: Toss Cookies - Hans literally vomits freshly-baked cookies onto the floor in front of him.
  • "In addition to his constant need for the toilet, Hans has an easily unsettled stomach and becomes quite ill on most trips."

  • Collected: At the exhibit in the Argyle Ballroom during Sabotage the Exhibit
  • Ability: Moan - An unearthly moan that will scare the living daylights out of nearby dolls.
  • "Wrapped up long ago, this ex-pharoah was smuggles out-- during an embargo."


Ronaldo (Illusion Family Set)

  • Collected: Outside the exhibit in the Argyle Ballroom
  • Ability: Perform Illusion - Ronaldo performs the Argyle Illusion upon nearby dolls, wrapping them up in purple plaid fabric.
  • "Ronaldo has spent the entirety of his career perfecting a singular trick - the argyle illusion, which never fails to stun audiences with its splendor."

Peatrice (Illusion Family Set)
  • Collected: In her stateroom
  • Ability: Phantom Illusion - Peatrice disappears into thin air, impressing and confusing nearby dolls.
  • "As a master of the ancient arts, Peatrice can render herself nearly invisible - a trick she often employs when her in-laws are visiting."

Gwendola (Illusion Family Set)
  • Collected: Outside Artistic Makeover
  • Ability: Hover - Gwendola levitates on the spot, entertaining nearby dolls.
  • "Still to come into her own as an illusionist, Gwendola is able to haphazardly levitate, and will often inadvertantly float away while she sleeps."

Prestige (Illusion Family Set)
  • Collected: Wandering around the lower deck
  • Ability: Perform Trick - Prestige either performs a trick, delighting nearby dolls, or drags his butt along the floor, disgusting them.
  • "An unusually talented canine, Prestige is known to occasionally shock audiences with an unsavory trick ot two."

Caviar Chef Vladimir
  • Collected: In the buffet kitchen
  • Ability: Dump Caviar - If Vladimir is standing next to the Caviar Cauldron, he can dump it onto the floor, stopping the caviar service.
  • "Vladimir is a sixth generation caviar chef who holds that caviar's quality should be measured by its texture, not its freshness."

Gruel Chef Hornsby
  • Collected: In the buffet (may be in the kitchen or in the serving area)
  • Ability: Pour Gruel Thickener - Hornsby pours gruel thickener onto whatever happens to be in front of him.
  • "Hornsby sees gruel as the great untapped resource of the age, it's thick enough to mortar a building, wall up a levee, or keep one regular."

Buffet Host Yves
  • Collected: At the host stand in the buffet
  • Ability: Summon Caviar Chef - If Yves is standing at his Host Station, he can bellow to bring Vladimir running out of the kitchen.
  • "Yves once dreamed of hosting an elegant eatery, but instead finds himself managing the Baron's buffet for a bunch of buffoons."

Mess Officer Morris
  • Collected: Outside the Map Room
  • Ability: Scrub - Morris cleans off whatever is in front of him.
  • "As a child, Morris took an accidental plunge into an outhouse and has since dedicated his life to the organization and removal of mess."

Ferdinand Reginald
  • Collected: At the entrance to the exhibit on the Argyle Ballroom after Sabotage the Exhibit
  • Ability: Intellectual Discourse
  • "Ferdinand assists the professor in his endeavors, hoping to feed from the crumbs of knowledge that Ramses drops along the way."

Exhibit Guard Walter
  • Collected: At the exhibit in the Argyle Ballroom
  • Ability: Escort Small Doll - When used on a child, causes Walter to pick them up.
  • "Nearly retired, nearly useless and nearly blind, Walter was assigned to the exhibit to calm the paranoid ramblings of Professor Ramses."

Gilded Sarcophagus
  • Collected: At the exhibit in the Argyle Ballroom during Sabotage the Exhibit
  • Ability: Shine - The sarcophagus lets off a brilliant shine, attracting all nearby dolls to it.
  • "It was forged in an ancient age by crafty hands, and now this gilded idol glimmers and shines to attract adoring fans."

Madame Habitant (Grand Adventurers Set)
  • Collected: On the Captain's deck before confronting the captain
  • Ability: Intimidate
  • "As a noted anthropologist, Madame Habitant has traveled the globe indulging her gastronomic desires under the guise of research."
  • Part of the Grand Adventurers Set

The Hunter Darby (Grand Adventurers Set)
  • Collected: On the Captain's deck before confronting the captain
  • Ability: Fire Cork - Darby fires his imitation gun, pelting any dolls in front of him with a large cork.
  • "The Hunter Darby is an aging big game hunter who spends his days recounting the exaggerated conquests of his youth to any who will listen."

Professor Ramses (Grand Adventurers Set)
  • Collected: On the Captain's deck before confronting the captain
  • Ability: Mummify - If used on a doll Ramses' size or smaller, wraps them up in bandages.
  • "The Professor's plundering of the ancient world has left him with a perpetual paranoia that his prized posessions will be pirated by perpetrators."

Doktor Exakt (Grand Adventurers Set)
  • Collected: On the Captain's deck before confronting the captain
  • Ability: Measure - The Doktor measures a doll and makes commentary on his findings.
  • "The Doktor's obsession with cartography leads him to scribble maps on inappropriate surfaces, such as fine linens, his own attire, and sleeping children."

Map Assistant Gilbert
  • Collected: In the map room
  • Ability: Play Music - Exactly what it says on the button.
  • "A long admirer of Doktor Exakt, Gilbert assists the map creation process by providing inspirational music with his photo-helmet."


Pirate Chuck

  • Collected: Wandering around the lower deck or standing outside The Buried Treasure
  • Ability: YAR! - Chuck bellows "YAR!", as all good pirates do.
  • "What ARRRR ye doin' readin' this, ye mast head? Ye won't find me hidden treasure!"


Captain Swing

  • Collected: At the entrance/exit from the boat after you've successfully stopped the cruise.
  • Ability: Fog Horn - The captain blows a loud horn, startling nearby dolls.
  • "Mr. Swing was promoted from the Baron's dinghy fleet to captain the steam ship because of his willingness to follow orders without question."

Safety Inspector Ludd
  • Collected: In front of the Seaside Safari after completing Cause Chaos at the Safari
  • Ability: Safety Alert
  • "Safety Inspector Ludd was raised by his extremely fragile great grandmother and learned at a young age that eagle eyes can save lives."

Field Commander Appleyard
  • Collected: By stacking into him in his chair at the Seaside Safari
  • Ability: Fire Cannon (before completing Cause Chaos at the Safari) - Launches his ball cannon wherever it is aimed, or Standout Stare (after completing Cause Chaos at the Safari) - scans the nearby area for Unique Dolls, highlighting them in blue.
  • "A field commander in title only, Freddie Appleyard is a helmet afficionado and charter member of the Enthusiastic Cannon Ballers Club."

Bobby Webb
  • Collected: Outside The Buried Treasure
  • Ability: Play Washboard - Bobby plays a tune on his hillbilly washboard.
  • "Bobby's prepared to light the fancy talkin' folks on fire with his talented fingers, which can strum a washboard like no other."

Billy Webb
  • Collected: Outside The Buried Treasure
  • Ability: Blow Jug - Billy plays a tune on his empty bottle of moonshine.
  • "Billy is ready to take the fancy dressin' world by storm with his virtuosic jug blowin'."

Dropped Anchor Drew
  • Collected: At Dropped Anchors
  • Ability: Drop Anchor - Literally drops an anchor on the floor. Very straightforward.
  • "Drew is a retired rear admiral who hopes to bank roll his golden years by selling previously dropped anchors to rich travelers as souvenirs."


"Hi-Jinks are a bit of mischevious fun that can earn you new rewards! Check out the Hi-Jinks list for this location by pressing the Select button and then L1 to cycle to the Hi-Jinks tab. Use the Hi-Jinks names as clues and experiment with dolls and abilities to discover them!

"Dolls involved in Hi-Jinks are accessorized to show your accomplishment! Complete all of the Hi-Jinks in a location for additional rewards!"

Masquerade Ball

  • Get Dolls made over at the "Artistic Makeover" shop.

Nesting Instinct

  • Use pelicans to fly to all nests.

Animal Stack

  • Stack Prestige, any pelican, and the Kodiak bear together.


  • Use Pirate Chuck to make dolls faint.

A Mass Effect

  • Perform the Argyle Illusion on dolls.

Anchor of Love

  • Drop anchor near the female dolls.

Steward Season

  • Hit stewards with the cork gun.

All Wrapped Up

  • Use Professor Ramses to mummify dolls.

Lil' Stinky

  • Toot on dolls.

Slap Happy

  • White Glove Slap dolls.