:) "Every challenge has multiple solutions, and each solution found earns you rewards! You can try and find more solutions at any time."

Escape the Kitchen!Edit

This is a single solution challenge that takes place before you have access to the rest of the zeppelin.

  • Hint: Free the ambassador by distracting both bullies at once using two different messy, noisy children.
  • Hint: Use both Spice Girl Jane and Hans' abilities on the nearby kids to attract the bullies so the ambassador can escape.
  • Hint: Stack with the freed ambassador and use his ability to rally the kids against the chef.

Get Rid of the GasEdit

A Blast of Sweet Air

  • Hint: Sweet overcomes stink.
  • Hint: Her scent can freshen an entire room.
  • Hint: Use Felicity fowler to pass potpouri into the stink cloud.

Opera Sucks

  • Hint: She inhales before exhaling.
  • Hint: People gather to hear her high note.
  • Hint: Wilhelmina can suck the stink from the room by singing near it.

Override Up High

  • Hint: The door can be opened from the inside to allow the floater in.
  • Hint: Take Charlie into the fan service room and use the largest maintenance man to open the door.
  • Hint: Stack a small maintenance man into the balloon waiter, float up near the fans, and then maintain the panel.

Bun in the Oven

  • Hint: The stink is a hazard that requires the right suit.
  • Hint: In the suit, transport the one who can smash things.
  • Hint: Stack the Purse lady into the Hazard Suit, cross through the stink, and use her to smash the fan shut-off.

Break out of the BrigEdit

Out of the Frying Pan

  • Hint: He keeps his cool in hot situations.
  • Hint: The heat is blocking a way out.
  • Hint: The Fire Chief can put out the fire and Charlie can leave through the chimney.

Birdman of Brig

  • Hint: When one falls they all do.
  • Hint: Fly away.
  • Hint: Knock over the dominoes with the large doll, stack in the bird, and fly up to the nest.

Slip Up

  • Hint: The guard has been known to slip and fall.
  • Hint: Roll it in his way before honking for the guard.
  • Hint: Push the roller skate with the large doll and then honk the guard horn using Charlie.

Stop that CarEdit

Photo Finish

  • Hint: A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Hint: Animals are easily startled by flashing lights.
  • Hint: Use the Press Photographer to take a flash photo of the monkey driving the car.

Braking for Bananas

  • Hint: The machine is stuck and must be pumped before they can get their food.
  • Hint: Once they have their trays filled, why not toss one out?
  • Hint: Use Charlie to stack into the banana feeder and pump it, then stack a banana vendor and throw one onto the track.

Call to Arms

  • Hint: To send them into a frenzy, his horn must be amplified.
  • Hint: The announcer must be distracted to move out of the way.
  • Hint: Use a maintenance man to shut off the nearby power panel and then use the bugle to play into the announcer horn.

Rabbit Takes Chimp

  • Hint: A timed stack with a canine friend will have Charlie on the track.
  • Hint: Repeatedly press the button so the dog runs fast enough to reach the car.
  • Hint: Charlie can stack in a dog, the rabbit on the back of the car, two monkeys and then apply the brakes.

Action Flag

  • Hint: From up high, he can be directed to wave.
  • Hint: With a wave of his flag, he can be directed to end the race.
  • Hint: Use the Silent Film Director to direct the flag bearer on the catwalk to wave the victory flag.

Open the GateEdit

Gate Wedgie

  • Hint: Challenge the big man with a ring of his bell.
  • Hint: Yank up!
  • Hint: Give the ring bell the Northern Kiss and then use Cromwell to give the gate a Royal Wedgie.

Shaken Up

  • Hint: The wrench can lower the lever.
  • Hint: The lever must be properly shaken.
  • Hint: Use a maintenance man on the outside panel and then use a passenger to give the lever a firm handshake.

Inside Job

  • Hint: Her colorful attire can attract a flying friend.
  • Hint: Use Portia's fan to attract the peacock, stack inside, and fly up to the nest.
  • Hint: Fall from the next to down behind the gate and use the maintenance man to maintain the panel.

Get Mr. Ruffles!Edit

Needle in a Doll Stack

  • Hint: To guess where it is, talk to the right bully.
  • Hint: Watch the bear closely when they shuffle.
  • Hint: After the bullies shuffle, talk to the bully who has the bear.


  • Hint: Don't judge a book by its cover.
  • Hint: Smash, surprise, or feed; it's all the same.
  • Hint: Feed the bullies a banana to see which one has the bear and then talk to him.

Marked Man

  • Hint: Their shuffling is easier to follow if you mark them first.
  • Hint: The mighty pen or the official seal, either will mark.
  • Hint: Use one of the nearby ambassadors to mark the dolls and then talk to the bully who has the bear.


"Unique dolls are one of a kind and are often used to solve puzzles. They are easily spotted by a slight shimmering effect and collecting them will unlock rewards."

"Some unique dolls belong to a matched stacking set. Stacking all of the dolls together from the same matched set will advance the game and unlock rewards."

Prima Donna Wilhelmina

  • Collected: In the balloon lounge, surrounded by camera men
  • Ability: Sing - Wilhelmina takes a very, very deep breath, and then lets forth with a powerful blast of song.
  • "Wilhelmina's powerful lungs can suck all of the air from a small venue when she inhales before releasing a shattering soprano screech."

Meriwether Malodor

  • Collected: In the balloon lounge, near the gas room
  • Ability: Flatulate - Meriwether breaks wind, expelling a large smelly cloud behind him. This will cause other dolls to flee the area, and can increase the size of open flames.
  • "Meriwether has found himself madly in love with Felicity Fowler, whose sweet smelling scent neutralizes his fierce flatulation."

Felicity Fowler

  • Collected: In the balloon lounge, near the gas room
  • Ability: Pass Potpourri - Felicity releases a burst of pleasant smelling potpourri behind her, pleasing nearby dolls.
  • "Felicity met Meriwether Malodor at a social mixer for Scent Challenged Suitors and found his ungainly odor mysteriously intoxitcating."

Hazard Suit

  • Collected: Across from the gas room
  • Ability: Release pressure - The Hazard Suit briefly opens and releases some steam.
  • "Installed due to union regulations, the hazard suit sits dormant in the emergency storage room."

Ambassador Bon Appetite (Ambassadors Set)

  • Collected: In the Summit Room after Stop that Car
  • Ability: Rally Troops - The Ambassador raises his sword, encouraging dolls in the area to serve as his army.
  • "Ambassador Bon Appetite is a fierce adversary who is known to draw his ceremonial sword at the negotiating table to rally his supporters."

Ambassador Osman (Ambassadors Set)

  • Collected: In the Summit Room after Stop that Car
  • Ability: Official Seal - Osman stamps a doll with a large red seal.
  • "The proud son of a wax purveyor and supplier, his childhood exposure to official seals lead Osman to a long-standing career as a legislator."

Ambassador Log (Ambassadors Set)

  • Collected: In the Summit Room after Stop that Car
  • Ability: The Pen is Mightier - Log scrawls his signature on a doll.
  • "Ambassador Log believes that the pen is mightier than any call to arms, and has ended several conflicts with a scribble instead of a sword."

Ambassador Chaka (Ambassadors Set)

  • Collected: In the Summit Room after Stop that Car
  • Ability: Leap to Conclusion
  • "Ambassador Chaka is infamous for her lateral thinking prowess and ability to leap to a conclusion before a motion is even made."

Ambassador Wroll (Ambassadors Set)

  • Collected: In the Summit Room after Stop that Car
  • Ability: Key to the City - Wroll unlocks things that are locked.
  • "Ambassador Wroll holds the rank of Kaiser in his native land and is the current head of The Ministry for Child Labor and Quality Cheese."

Hans Allendorf

  • Collected: In the kitchen during Escape the Kitchen!
  • Ability: Mix batter - Activates the mixer atop Hans' head, spilling batter on the floor around him.
  • "Hans' singular talent is an abnormally flat head, which makes him the perfect mounting platform for all manner of degrading appliances."

Spice Girl Jane

  • Collected: In the kitchen during Escape the Kitchen!
  • Ability: Shake Pepper - Dumps pepper onto the ground in front of her; causes nearby dolls to sneeze.
  • "The daughter of two peppery chefs, Jane's spicy disposition has made her the perfect choice for seasoning the mince meat cookies."

Portia Peacock

  • Collected: Above the block castle room (take the stairs in the crew quarters)
  • Ability: Fan Feathers - Portia displays her peacock fan, even though only male peacocks have fans.
  • "A proper patron of the arts, Portia proudly parades her prized peacock possessions publically whenever possible."

Cromwell the Terrible

  • Collected: In the block castle room
  • Ability: The Royal Wedgie - Grabs a nearby adult male doll and gives him a wedgie. This also works on stuck doors.
  • "Cromwell is a former schoolyard bully who has built a career as a pugilist and wrestler by perfecting a debilitating, below-the-belt assault."

Gate Keeper

  • Collected: Outside the block castle after Open the Gate
  • Ability: About Face! - Causes all nearby dolls to turn around.
  • "Lured into the Gate Keeping academy by the glamour of brandishing a tall hat, he has found that in practice the job is rather dull."

Cecil Dumheal (Silent Film Set)

  • Collected: In the race room, against the zip line wall, very near the bananas
  • Ability: Action! - Causes all nearby dolls to use their abilities.
  • "Cecil is a tireless visionary, who still eagerly awaits the world's recognition for his innovation and brilliance."
  • Part of the Silent Film Set

Donald Capulet (Silent Film Set)

  • Collected: In the race room, near the bottom of the stairs going up, on the side with the stage
  • Ability: Monologue - Delivers a poorly acted monologue, putting nearby dolls to sleep.
  • "Donald is a classically trained actor who has grudgingly moved from stage to screen to better elucidate the public on the art of acting."
  • Part of the Silent Film Set

Camera Man Joe (Silent Film Set)

  • Collected: In the race room, under the stairs going up, on the side with the stage
  • Ability: Rolling! - Films whatever is on screen at the time.
  • "A voyeur at heart, Joe has found that possessing a camera legitimizes his unsavory gawking and penchant for stalking fair ladies."
  • Part of the Silent Film Set

Trixie (Silent Film Set)

  • Collected: In the race room, against the wall near the zip line on the side with the bananas
  • Ability: Dramatic Death - Trixie fakes her death, confusing nearby dolls.
  • "Trixie was advised to specialize early in her career and has since chosen to master the art of the prolonged death scene."
  • Part of the Silent Film Set

Equipment Man Leander (Silent Film Set)

  • Collected: In the race room, near stairs going up on the side with the bananas
  • Ability: Take Two! - Leander extends his light and microphone... even though it's a silent movie.
  • "As a specialist, Leander cares not for the quality of films that he works on as long as they are well lighted and sonically superior."
  • Part of the Silent Film Set

Flag Bearer Goff

  • Collected: On the bridge spanning over the race track, after Stop that Car
  • Ability: Wave Flag - Self-explanatory.
  • "Goff has an AA degree in Flag Waving and Bearing and hopes to leverage his handiwork on the zeppelin into a career as a middle manager."

Recreation Officer Chip

  • Collected: In the brig during Break out of the Brig
  • Ability: Jog in Place - Self-explanatory, and good exercise.
  • "Chip was imprisoned by the Baron's men for his enthusiasm, optimistic spirit, and sleeveless uniform."


  • Collected: In the lobby just before the summit room
  • Ability: Cry - Cries loudly, but has no other effect.
  • "Mr. Ruffles doesn't like you reading about Thad."

Fire Chief Russell

  • Collected: In the brig during Break out of the Brig
  • Ability: Spray Hose - Sprays water in front of him for a few seconds.
  • "A bureaucrat at heart, Fire Chief Russell enjoys an exciting life filled with fire inspections, issuing citations, and levying fines."


  • Collected: Above the block castle room (take the stairs in the crew quarters)
  • Ability: Fly to Nest - Identical to the pelicans found on The Gilded Steamship, the peacock can fly to his nest if it is nearby.
  • "A luxurious pet imported for the Baron, this peacock managed to fly to freedom during a power outage."


"Hi-Jinks are a bit of mischevious fun that can earn you new rewards! Check out the Hi-Jinks list for this location by pressing the Select button and then L1 to cycle to the Hi-Jinks tab. Use the Hi-Jinks names as clues and experiment with dolls and abilities to discover them!

"Dolls involved in Hi-Jinks are accessorized to show your accomplishment! Complete all of the Hi-Jinks in a location for additional rewards!"

Terrible Melvin

  • Give dolls the Royal Wedgie

Scribbled On

  • Use the "Pen is Mightier" on dolls.

Flower Power

  • Use Felicity to Pass Potpourri on dolls.

Zippity Do-Da

  • Ride the zip line.


  • Use Wilhelmina to break glass by singing.

Steward Stack

  • Stack any four zeppelin stewards together.
  • Recreation Officer Chip and 3 bigger stewards.

Say Cheese

  • Use "Flash Photo" on dolls.

Girls on Film

  • Film adult women with Camera Man Joe.

Floating High

  • Fly Balloon Stewards to both waiter stations.

Mime Abuse

  • Hit 5 mimes with the Northern Kiss or Purse Smash.
  • There are 3 mimes in the dining room, 1 in the fan service/air exhange room, 1 in the race room.